18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Redneck Is Not Dead

In the presence of Maxime Lachaud

In 2014, “Redneck Movies: Rurality and Degeneration in American Cinema” by Maxime Lachaud was published, and turned out to be a fascinating dive into a cinema that smells of sweat, chewing tobacco, and bourbon. From exploitation cinema to mainstream productions, Maxime Lachaud takes apart masterpieces as well as third-rate movies, therefore harvesting a heap of informations on what can be considered a genre in itself. Lachaud comes to present a few titles of his choice. Amongst them, a porcine precursor to “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, a forgotten commercial success, and two bewildering documentaries, which present themselves as the two opposite sides of the same coin. A discovery of an America that doesn’t care much whether it is Trump’s or Obama’s buttocks warming the presidential armchair at the White House.

Maxime Lachaud will sign his book "Redneck Movies: Rurality and Degeneration in American Cinema", at HumuS, on 22.10, 15:00-16:30.