18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Experimental Film Society, Dublin

In the presence of Rouzbeh Rashidi, Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Vicky Langan, Maximilian Le Cain et Jann Clavadetscher

Rouzbeh Rashidi wanted to make films. He had three options: the seductive mainstream, the underground attractive in its DIY side but, sadly still trying to imitate the mainstream, and video art, which in the end is not cinema. “You must create the culture that you want to be part of”, he says. In 2000, in Tehran, he then founds the Experimental Film Society (EFS) with the goal of producing and distributing experimental filmworks. In 2004, he settles in Dublin, bringing EFS with him. Over the years, he surrounds himself with local and international artists and distributes his own productions in many festivals, his company consequently becoming one of the most important poles of experimental cinema in Ireland. Casting out three, with a programme gathering an experimental epic, shock performances and a selection of short films by Rashidi himself.