18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Tribute: Nikos Nikolaidis

In the presence of Michèle Valley, actress

Nikos Nikolaidis passed away 10 years ago. Greek novelist and filmmaker, he distinguished himself with a fierce autonomy, exclusively funding his films with his wife Marie-Louise Bartholomew as sole producer. Author of eight feature films, he was awarded Best Director five times in his country, which is still a record so far. However, his singular work remains little known beyond the greek border, apart from his most sulfurous title, “Singapore Sling” (1991), screened at LUFF 2014. In a realm between Buñuel's "Exterminating Angel" and the anti-bourgeois satire of Claude Chabrol, Nikolaidis reveals a cynical vision of our surrounding world, a world in the grip of moulding and superficiality for which only a cheeky insouciance seemsto be the remedy.