18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Werner Nekes' Uliisses

In the presence of Julia Wallmüller (Deutsche Kinemathek)

Prolific filmmaker, Werner Nekes has, since the ‘60s, directed more than a hundred 8mm and 16mm films, all experimenting with and exploring the cinematographically matter. Having disappeared at the beginning of this year, he left behind a complex work that unsettled programmers when the movies were released, earning his many rejections and a private collection of over five hundred pre-cinematographic objects documenting the early years o optic illusions. Cofounder of the film-maker’s cooperative in Hamburg, participant of many collective projects, in which his wife, the artist Dora O. Professor in Hamburg, and then Cologne, Nekes never stopped seeking the essence of the magic of cinema.

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