18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Carcass Programme: Light/Sound

The seven-year, thirteen-film collaboration between Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain is a significant chapter in the history of the Experimental Film Society. Their work stems from the strikingly fitting match between Langan’s magnetic, often troublingly intense presence as a performer and Le Cain’s distinctively jarring, disruptive visual rhythms. Together they explore an intimate territory loaded with personal symbolism and unguarded emotion that has come to define Langan’s work. Their films will be presented as a ‘Carcass Programme’ format. “Pieced together like cinematic Frankenstein’s monsters, these morbid creations will feed on the flesh of previous EFS films, simultaneously announcing their death and enacting a potentially limitless series of resurrections. Each one will be specifically created for a single venue or event.

Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain also give a performance on Friday 20.10.
Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, 2017, Irlande
HD, couleur, sans dialogues, 82'
Âge légal: 16 ans

Saturday 21