18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Naked Blood

A young geek diverts the work of his scientific mother and manages to inoculate docile, ignorant guinea pigs with an experimental drug that turns pain into pleasure. “Naked Blood” is the remake of his 1987 “Pleasure Kill” in which the explosion of the family unit foreshadowed the famous “Visitor Q” of Takashi Miike. Detached from the social issue and diminishing its erotic dimension, Satō focuses on the horror side of the story. "Naked Blood" was elevated to the enviable status of "Midnight Movie", and became one of the flagship titles of gore cinema in the late ’90s.
Hisayasu Satō, 1996, Japon
Digital, couleur, japonais (st. anglais), 76’'
Âge légal 18 ans

Saturday 21