18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Turtle Vision

A peeping Tom video maker spies on outdoor sex enthusiasts in order to feed the illegal trafficking of erotic videos. He discovers a woman who has a disagreeable habit of removing the eyes of her lovers with a cutter while sleepwalking. A particularly perverse and disturbing work, "Turtle Vision" is the most experimental piece of Sato's work and a testament to his obsession with the subject of voyeurism. The latter is also reflected in the regularity with which audio and video devices are used as technological appendices emerging from the protagonists, which contributes to a breathtaking experience with an unsettling conclusion.
Hisayasu Satō, 1991, Japon
Digital, couleur, japonais (st. anglais), 60'
Âge légal 18 ans

Friday 20