18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

The Sinful Dwarf

In this happily crummy masterpiece, a perverse dwarf named Olaf sequestrates and drugs women in the attic of a house that he shares with his alcoholic mother. The pitch genre that generates a slightly awkward arousal, or leads to despair about human nature. And as we are persuaded that man is good by nature… In any case, on the apotheosis of bad taste, Vidal Raski’s movie holds grace to this title –which has been known by French exploitations under the succulent titles “The Sexual Delinquent” or “The Mansard of the Debauched Dwarf”– a prominent place next to John Waters.
Vidal Raski, 1973, Danemark
HD, couleur, anglais, 95’'
Âge légal 18 ans

Friday 20