18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

The Other Side

Here is a movie made of tears and suffering, where the smells of sweat, beer and sperm mix with the anger of the poor: an orgy of drugs and fire guns, a visual whirlwind where desperation of being abandoned is screamed and where revolution gets on its way. More frontal, physical and political than the previous Texan movies of the filmmaker, here, white thrash America is split between paranoid meth-addicted veterans and pregnant strippers, in a poor and livid Louisiana. Minervini here reinvents the language of documentaries, exploring a fascinating in-between, where men show themselves bare, becoming the actors of their own reality. Intimate, trashy, to a crepuscular end that will leave you stunned.
Roberto Minervini, 2015, Italie/France
DCP, couleur, anglais (st. français), 92’'
Âge légal: 16 ans

Saturday 21