18–22.10 2017
Program Poster Editorial Jury

Euridice BA 2037

In a dystopian land, Euridice is cloistered in a prison-apartment she can't get out of. Having served her time, she's waiting to be transfered... With this first feature, an exercise in style-like behind closed doors, Nikolaidis injects the germs of his obsessions: solitude, oppresive society, social degeneration, as many parameters that will define an awkward sphere. Considered by André Z. Labarrere and Olivier Labarrere, in "Atlas du cinéma", as the renewal of Greek cinema, "Euridice BA 2037" brought his author his first distinction as best director, and to Marie-Louise Bartholomew, the best set designer award.
Nikos Nikolaidis, 1974, Grèce/RFA
HD, N&B, grec (st. anglais), 96’'
Âge légal: 16 ans

Thursday 19